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The Art of Preserving Irish with Manchán Magan

What can certain words of the Irish language tell us about our culture?

For writer Manchán Magan, answering this question has spurred his latest book ‘Tree Dogs, Banshee Fingers and other Irish Words for Nature.’

Reuniting with publishing house Gill and illustrator Steve Doogan, it serves as a sequel to his bestselling ‘Thirty Two Words for Field.’

The idea originated from a passion to preserve the rare words that grant us a unique insight into Ireland’s heritage.

“For years I was thinking I

An Focal Art Club #2- Faith Ringgold

In 1968, a black artist launched her first solo exhibition American People. The display quickly became a talking point for its unflinching depictions of racial tensions.

#20: Die depicts the riots of 1967. Crimson blood splatters contorted, helpless figures with their haunted saucer eyes spelling pain, both animalistic and terrified.

The men and women wear business clothes, making the business class accountable for the violence.

In the middle of the painting sits two toddlers, a white boy and

Passion and patience is the key to the unique craft of master Tipperary potter

In the workshop adorned with terracotta splashed walls and scrawls of formulae only a true master could decipher, the unique art of Rossa Pottery emerges from the hands of potter Alan Walsh.

Rossa was established by his father Ned Walsh and is celebrating sixty years in business this year. The art of producing pottery, characterised by its distinctive glaze, is second nature to Alan, who shared his father’s love of creating the completely handmade pieces that are now sold all over the world.

New Leaf Urban Farmers: A Limerick micro-farm with a global mindset

Founder of New Leaf Urban Farmers Kevin Wallace has taken a sustainable approach to food production

In our increasingly globalised world, local food producers are developing new and dynamic solutions to challenge the import dominated market.

One Ballyneety based farmer has overturned the idea of large scale factory farming to create his award winning biologically diverse market garden.

Kevin Wallace noticed the land use values were becoming increasingly unsustainable after returning to his ho