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I have produced and presented a weekly series as part of Ours to Protect, a radio and audio project spearheaded by Independent Broadcasters of Ireland where 23 local and regional radio stations make over 1200 new and unique programmes over a year – all devoted to climate change and the environment. The series has showcased solutions-based journalism to inspire listeners to engage with the topic of climate action.

Episode 44- Extinction Rebellion

This week takes a look at the work of eco-activist group Extinction Rebellion.

This week’s episode takes a look at the work of Extinction Rebellion (XR), a global environmental movement that aims to address the climate crisis through non-violent civil disobedience.

To find out more about what motivates the members to engage in eco-activism, Aislinn spoke to members of Extinction Rebellion Ireland Trisha and Nathan.

What are some famous protests organised by XR?
• None XR's first major action

Episode 43- Shannon Foynes Port

This week's episode explores the enormous potential Shannon Foynes Port could play in decarbonising Europe.

This week's episode examines the work at Shannon Foynes Port to develop the Atlantic floating offshore wind industry. With the largest wind resource in Europe off the west coast, the estuary plans to become a global renewable energy hub over the coming decades.

The port will play a vital role in helping Ireland meet its net zero obligations by 2050. It would also significantly contribute

Episode 42- Ardnacrusha Generating Station

For this week’s episode of Ours to Protect, we visit Ardnacrusha Generating Station to learn more about this amazing feat of engineering on the River Shannon.

This week's episode of Ours to Protect focuses on Ardnacrusha Generating Station. We learn how the generating station works and how it revolutionised Ireland.

Built as part of the Shannon Scheme, it is considered the most ground-breaking infrastructure project ever constructed in Ireland and it is still generating power for the ESB today

Episode 39- The Future of Fashion with LSAD

Learn all about the sustainable practices by the future of the fashion industry.

This week’s episode looks at how the future of fashion puts the environment at its forefront. Aislinn visited The Limerick School of Art and Design’s Clare Street campus to meet students who have sustainability embedded into their practices and to hear their motivations and what they believe the future of fashion to be.

What are some of the methods used by the students?

As Joanna and Joanne described, The stud

Episode 38- The Nature Restoration Law

This week examines what the historic Nature Restoration Law could mean for Irish farmers.

The Nature Restoration law was recently passed by the European Parliament and it is the first continent-wide, comprehensive law of its kind. 324 MEPs voted in favour of the law, winning over 275 votes against and 24 abstentions.

The law is in response to the EU's nature in alarming decline, with 80% of habitats deemed in poor condition.

The next step for the government is to decide how to put in place re

Episode 37- Reducing Food Waste with Eoin Sheehan

This week’s episode looks at how we can cook with the environment in mind by reducing our food waste.

This week’s episode is all about how we can cook more sustainably. According to the EPA, households were the biggest producers of food waste, accounting for 29% of the total in 2021 with 221,000 tonnes of food going to waste per year. The same study also found that Food waste costs the average Irish household about €60 per month or €700 per year. That’s an annual national cost of €1.29 billion

Episode 36- Rewilding with Eoghan Daltun

This week bestselling author and rewilding expert Eoghan Daltun discusses his farming practices and his mission to restore native Irish forests.

This week bestselling author and rewilding expert Eoghan Daltun discusses his farming practices and his mission to restore the temperate rainforest

For this week’s episode we hear from Eoghan Daltun, a pioneer in the rewilding movement that aims to restore native forests that once blanketed 80% of Ireland.

Eoghan’s practices high nature value (HNV) f

Episode 35- The Future of Limerick’s Railways

This episode looks at the plans to develop Limerick’s railway infrastructure and explores why investing in rail is a sustainable step for the future of Irish transport.

This week's episode looks at trains and the plans to expand Limerick's rail network. With projects such as the delivery of the Limerick to Foynes railway line in development, this episode explores why this mode of transport is a sustainable step for the future of Irish transport.

Green Party TD Brian Leddin discusses the import

Episode 34- Shannon Airport

This week takes a look at the sustainability measures in place at Shannon Airport.

Shannon Airport is an international airport that lies halfway between Ennis and Limerick.

Did you know that the airport has the longest runway in Ireland at 3,200 metres and is the only Irish airport that can accommodate the world's largest jet, the Antonov AN 225?

In compliance with the Climate Action Plan that aims to halve Ireland’s carbon emissions by 2030, the Shannon group is looking to reduce carbon emis

Episode 33- Green Spaces in Limerick City

This week takes a look at the valuable green spaces throughout Limerick city and the important role they play for the community.

In land use planning, urban green space is open-space areas reserved for parks and areas of the natural environment.

In a recent Switcher.ie report, Limerick was ranked the worst urban area for work-life balance, with one of the factors considered being proximity to green spaces. The World Health Organisation recommends that all people reside within 300m of green spa

Episode 32- Preserving Heritage at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

This week looks at the extraordinary conservation work happening at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park to promote rare Irish animal breeds.

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park is a beloved tourist attraction where visitors can experience life in 19th century Ireland, with replications of rural farmhouses, village shops and streets. The farm at Bunratty has teamed up with conservation societies to preserve some endangered native Irish animal breeds that have been brought back from the cusp of extinction.

Episode 31- Limerick's Thrift Trail

Why are more people opting to buy their clothes second hand? This week looks at the Limerick shops embracing the sustainable slow fashion mindset.

With more people shifting towards thrifting their fashion, this week’s episode looks at secondhand clothing and how it is providing a sustainable solution to the issue of fast fashion.

Aislinn visited Vision Ireland and The Edge, two stops on Limerick’s Thrift Trail to find out how the shops operate and why more people are embracing the slow fashion

Episode 30- The Deposit and Return Scheme

This week focuses on a new scheme aimed at helping achieve Ireland's recycling targets and move towards a circular economy.

This week’s episode focuses on the Deposit and Return Scheme, a new initiative about to be implemented across Ireland.

It will see a small deposit being added to eligible plastic bottles, aluminium or steel cans. When the empty and undamaged container is returned to a retail outlet, the customer will receive their deposit back.

Aislinn visited Garvey’s Supervalu in Corba

Episode 29- Renew, Reuse, Recycle

How can you start the new year sustainably? This week's episode looks at the resources available in Limerick to help you recycle items after the festive period.

With Christmas done and dusted, this week’s episode looks at how to sustainably start the new year by recycling unwanted items.

Live 95’s Aislinn Kelly spoke to Pauline McDonagh, Senior Executive Scientist with the Regional Waste Planning Office and Sinead McDonnell of Limerick City and County Council to discover what services are avai

Episode 23- Helping the birds this winter

This week's episode looks at how climate change is impacting our native birds and looks at what can we do to help.

As the evenings close in and the temperatures drop, spare a thought for our native birds. Their natural seed sources are depleted in the winter and their water sources are frozen over. Aislinn spoke to Niall Hatch of Birdwatch Ireland to find out how we can help the birds, and how climate change is impacting their migratory patterns.
• None these are perfect for providing protein a

Episode 22- A focus on renewable energy

This week we hear from industry leaders and learn how Ireland could become a global leader in renewable energy.

This week focuses on the ground-breaking ideas that will help Ireland achieve carbon neutrality that are happening locally. Live 95’s Nigel Dugdale hosted a panel of the leading industry figures at the official launch of the exhibition 'Night's Candles are Burnt Out' at the Hunt Museum. The exhibition celebrates the potential we have to achieve carbon neutrality through engaging with

Episode 21- A Solar Powered School

St Munchin's College has a range of eco-policies that are inspiring students to save the planet.

When it comes to saving our planet, one of the most inspiring cohorts of people to meet is young people. Not only is their generation one of the most aware of the impacts of climate change, but they also have the idealism to envision a greener future. One of the best places to cultivate this in school, where a love of nature can be nurtured and acted upon.

A thriving example of harnessing this pass

Episode 20- Sustainable Tourism

This week looks at efforts made in the hospitality sector to become more eco-friendly and create a circular economy.

For this week’s episode we look at how the hospitality sector can take action to help the environment by visiting the Limerick Strand Hotel. This four star hotel in Limerick city has adopted a sustainable policy that has resulted in being awarded the Eco-Label Award by Green Hospitality Ireland and a Silver Green Tourism Accreditation Award by Green Tourism Ireland.

The hotel is

Episode 19- The Future of Glyphosate

This weeks episode explores the future of the world's most popular weed-killer.

This week’s episode investigated the chemical glyphosate and the future of its use in the EU.

It is the most common herbicide in the world and is currently approved for use in the EU until 15 December 2023. Farming organisations in Europe are looking for it to be renewed due to its role in preventing weeds from destroying their crops. On the other hand, environmental campaigners are worried about the impact the che

Episode 16- Wild Work

This week we learn about a unique initiative helping people get back in touch with their wild side by promoting biodiversity.

For this week’s episode we met Shay Riordan, CEO of West Limerick Resources as he told us about the success of the unique stand at the National Ploughing Championships that helped participants to visualise the benefits of biodiversity.
• Wild Work is an initiative to help restore, conserve and reinvigorate biodiversity.
• It helps to work to sustain nature and biodiversi

Episode 15- The Grove Veggie Kitchen

This week we pay a visit to Limerick City's only fully meat-free eatery to learn how attitudes are changing towards a plant based diet.

This week’s episode is about plant-based diets as we meet a Limerick business that has championed veggie food for years. The Grove Veggie Kitchen on Cecil street is Limerick's only fully meat-free eatery and it has recently been transformed by an amazing art installation celebrating all things plant based.

Aislinn met Sue Hassett to talk about all things veggi

Episode 14- Lab Grown Diamonds

They may be a girl's best friend, but did you know not all diamonds are sourced the same way?

For this week’s episode Aislinn met Jenny Darcey at Field’s Jewellers at the Crescent Shopping Centre to learn about lab grown diamonds and how they are marketed as a more sustainable option on the market.

What exactly are lab grown diamonds?
• None To the naked eye, lab grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds.
• None They are created in controlled environments, either using high pressure or

Episode 13- From Rags to Riches with Junk Kouture

Hear all about the transformative power of young minds in the face of a fast fashion epidemic by meeting the Limerick school making waves with their sustainable creations.

Fast fashion is a phrase used to describe the trend of low-cost garments sold by multinational brands. Bulk buying of short-lived micro trends has caused fashion to become the second largest polluter on the planet. However, young people across the country have been turning the rapid production and waste of this industry on it

Episode 12- Minister Eamon Ryan

For this week's episode we hear Minister Eamon Ryan's opinion on climate anxiety, agriculture and his hopes for Ireland's sustainable development.

On this week’s episode, we will hear from the person tasked to lead Ireland’s strategy for change to become carbon neutral as Minister for the Environment, Climate and Transport.

Live 95’s Aislinn Kelly sat down with Minister Eamon Ryan at the Department of Transport in Dublin to learn about the big switch we need to make and his vision for Ireland’
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