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The Art of Preserving Irish with Manchán Magan

What can certain words of the Irish language tell us about our culture?

For writer Manchán Magan, answering this question has spurred his latest book ‘Tree Dogs, Banshee Fingers and other Irish Words for Nature.’

Reuniting with publishing house Gill and illustrator Steve Doogan, it serves as a sequel to his bestselling ‘Thirty Two Words for Field.’

The idea originated from a passion to preserve the rare words that grant us a unique insight into Ireland’s heritage.

“For years I was thinking I

Social media and the farm

Social media has become a great tool for many emerging agri-businesses and helped them to secure a niche in the market that would not have been possible before the arrival of Facebook and Instagram.

In a survey conducted by Wolfgang Digital, it was revealed that 71% of Irish adults enjoy using either Facebook or Instagram, which has provided an opportunity for invaluable marketing.

But how realistic is it for Irish farmers to promote their work on social media and is there a niche to be exploi

A Triumph of the Spirit: In Conversation with Declan O’Rourke

Singer-songwriter Declan O’Rourke has turned from writing lyrics to prose for his latest creative venture.

Famed for his distinctive voice and musical abilities, his literary debut The Pawnbrokers Reward illuminates the darkest chapter of Irish history.

Having previously explored the famine in his critically acclaimed song cycle Chronicles of the Great Irish Famine, the novel examines the events of that time through the town of Macroom.

It was the recent lockdowns that provided O’Rourke with

'Gardening is a great uniter' The success of UL's community roof garden

Located in the main building of the University of Limerick, the urban space champions organic food production while creating a valuable sense of community

Within the bustling main building of the University of Limerick, countless people have found solace and purpose in a tranquil roof garden overlooking the campus.

Now in its ninth year, the produces a range of fruit, vegetables and flowers spearheaded by expert horticulturalist Jim Cronin and garden coordinator Professor Colin Fitzpatrick.


The unspoken challenges of rural depopulation in Ireland

Despite soaring population numbers across Ireland, census data shows a depopulation from rural areas, raising concerns about the problems facing those living in sparsely populated areas

Limerick Voice Business and Agriculture Editor, Aislinn Kelly, spoke to several people working to tackle rural isolation.

Living between Co Limerick and Co Kilkenny, Elaine Houlihan returned to the Irish countryside of Athlacca, after studying abroad for six years.

The Limerick woman is Vice President of the M

Passion and patience is the key to the unique craft of master Tipperary potter

In the workshop adorned with terracotta splashed walls and scrawls of formulae only a true master could decipher, the unique art of Rossa Pottery emerges from the hands of potter Alan Walsh.

Rossa was established by his father Ned Walsh and is celebrating sixty years in business this year. The art of producing pottery, characterised by its distinctive glaze, is second nature to Alan, who shared his father’s love of creating the completely handmade pieces that are now sold all over the world.

'Financial Chaos' Limerick-based economists weigh in on proposed UK Corporation Tax increase

Stephen Kinsella and Sean Golden predict how recent economic unrest in the UK may impact the Irish economy

The proposed UK corporation tax increase has caused ‘financial chaos’ in the markets. However, Ireland can maintain stability by increasing inward investment, according to two Limerick-based economists.

The UK’s corporation tax rate increase was confirmed after former Prime Minister Liz Truss made a U-turn on a policy decision.

The plan was originally proposed by former Chancellor Rishi

New Leaf Urban Farmers: A Limerick micro-farm with a global mindset

Founder of New Leaf Urban Farmers Kevin Wallace has taken a sustainable approach to food production

In our increasingly globalised world, local food producers are developing new and dynamic solutions to challenge the import dominated market.

One Ballyneety based farmer has overturned the idea of large scale factory farming to create his award winning biologically diverse market garden.

Kevin Wallace noticed the land use values were becoming increasingly unsustainable after returning to his ho

From thriving mills to bustling fair days - Extraordinary memories of Cahir's past

Few generations have witnessed more profound social change than older members of our communities and many residents of Cahir hold crystal clear recollections of bygone days.

Denis Ryan recalls when he first moved to Castle Street, the park by the castle was simply a war monument and a field. The area now hosts a prosperous farmers market and attracts droves of tourists.

After serving the town during his forty year career with the ESB, Denis noticed a complete transformation of Castle Street.

'There’s a huge challenge ahead' - How the global energy crisis is impacting Limerick's hospitality sector

From reducing services to adopting renewable energy sources, Limerick’s hospitality owners are remaining resilient in the face of rocketing input costs

Having faced the uncertainty of the pandemic, Limerick’s hospitality sector is now enduring a second phase of precarity with soaring energy costs making for another economically challenging winter.

The current global energy crisis impacting oil, gas and electricity markets has led to bills soaring for businesses across the country.


An Focal Art Club #7- Harry Clarke

Hailed as one of the greatest stained glass artists of all time, Harry Clarke contributed in establishing Ireland’s unique artistic voice during the early years of the Free State.

With vivid lively faces rooted in the revival of Gothic stained glass imagery, Harry Clarke is remembered as one of Ireland’s greatest artists and mastered both drawing and glass in his short, prolific life.

As leading figure in illustration and the Irish Arts and Craft movement, his work is dotted throughout the cou

An Focal Art Club #3- Egon Schiele

Tortured, emaciated figures lost in thought in a dizzying space, melting backgrounds and skin resembling decay.

Retaining the same shock factor a century on, the troubling works of Egon Schiele continues to intrigue art lovers.

In a short life, he became a pioneer of the Expressionist movement while making strides through shocking, bold and sexual works.

Tension, anxiety and sexuality are conveyed in a distinctive linear manner, with figures often contorted in an unusual ways to trouble the v

An Focal Art Club #6: Betye Saar

“To me, the trick is to seduce the viewer. If you can get the viewer to look at a work of art, then you might be able to give them some sort of message.”

Still practicing at the age of 93, Betye Saar is finally receiving global recognition for her prolific career creating politically charged folk art.

Her use of symbolic and surreal imagery makes her a leading figure in the folk art aesthetic and a master of the medium of assemblage.

Famed for recontextualising icons of African-American folkl
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